Wall Mounted Toilet Weight Limit

Wall hung toilets have become a common system among households and bathrooms in the UK. They bear that name because the toilet bowl hangs off the wall through the support of screws leaving some space under the system for easy cleaning access. However, to increase the weight limit of the system a special tool was made that offers support to users who weigh above its weight limit. That is known as wall-mounted toilet support.

The wall-mounted toilet support is placed underneath the toilet where it aids in redistributing the weight of the user thereby could increase the weight limit to more than 1000 pounds. This wall-mounted toilet support is an easy to install tool which doesn’t take much time.

Description of the Wall-mounted Toilet Support


The Wall hung toilet support fits almost all wall-mounted toilets technology providing additional support to the existing carrier. The support leg is made of high impact abs while its foot and carriage are made from a stain and chemical resistant flexible PVC. You can give your floating toilet weight limit extra support by using this tool that provides up to 1000 pounds of support.


The wall-mounted toilet support has an adjustable height cap of 7 ½ in – 14 in for the standard one and 5” – 7.5” for short ones depending on the height of the toilet. This adjustable height braces of the wall hung toilet support fits between the underside of the toilet and the floor perfectly due to its Retrofit technology which also helps spread the weight support around the bowl. This support system is commonly used in restrooms with high-traffic and bathrooms meant for bariatric patients in medical facilities and hospitals.


The support tool maintains the cleaning ability of a wall-mounted fixture. The tool comes with a specially engineered the leg base that can be raised to gain cleaning access to underneath the bowl.  The foot and carriage system forms the contour of the leg. The structure includes support stops to adjust the support height and an adhesive caulk that firmly glues the support stick to the underside of the toilet.


If you’re looking for a tool that would help stop your toilet fixture from breaking and easily fit in with any wall mounted toilet system, then the wall mounted toilet support is your answer. This system requires no tool for its installation so you have no cause to worry.