What Are Toilets Made Of?


Have you ever considered what toilets are made of?  Most people say its clay, others say it enamel while some mention porcelain. Well, to ensure that your toilet is strong enough to bear the weight of the user, it is made out of a special type of clay called vitreous China or Porcelain and water. … Read more

How to Adjust Water Level in the Toilet Bowl

The water level of your toilet bowl can be responsible for several common toilet issues. Learning how to lower the water in a toilet bowl is relatively simple. Since water bowl levels usually relate to tank water levels, the solution is usually to adjust how much water is in your tank.  The first step in … Read more

Wall Mounted Toilet Weight Limit

Wall hung toilets have become a common system among households and bathrooms in the UK. They bear that name because the toilet bowl hangs off the wall through the support of screws leaving some space under the system for easy cleaning access. However, to increase the weight limit of the system a special tool was … Read more

A Mini-guide to The Best Stain Resistant Toilet Seats in 2023

Best Stain Resistant Toilet Seats

Have you ever had to use the toilet so bad only to find that the toilet seat was dirty with particularly urine stains and other things? Imagine the level of disgust you would have felt seeing that? You probably would have lost the desire to use the toilet right? And this my friend is the … Read more